Day Surgery / Outpatient Surgery

General Information

Day surgery is an approach in which pediatric surgeons give much attention and many of them prefer this approach in treating surgical disease. It is based on to discharge eligible patients on the day of surgery. Day surgery diminishes stress and separation from home and family due to hospitalization as well as other risks of infection, particularly as minimizing cost and maximazing patient comfort has a positive impact on the well-being.

The most important issue in this approach is a careful selection of patients prior to surgery, if necessary in close cooperation with anesthesiologist and other experts is necessary to simultaneously evaluate the patient. Family cohesion, in terms of post-operative patient care, is also important to ensure hygienic and suitable home environment. Generally, day surgery is preferable over 1 month old and in patients with non-severe underlying disease on condition that the operation will not take long. Surgical diseases of the groin (hernia, hydrocele, undescended testes), biopsies, and some endoscopic procedures creates a good example for this application.