Children who have this disease among the population is defined as a half-circumcised or circumcised as prophet. At the birth, urine hole is not at tip of the penis, but left behind, and the bottom side of the penis. The lower part of the foreskin is underdeveloped. Many types of it may be present. Some can be mild, but some types such as involving adjacent organs and tissues can be quite heavy. In addition, meatal narrowing, penile curvature, shortening, and concealing may be associated conditions.

Because circumcision of the foreskin may be required during the operation, these patients must not be circumcised. To do this, first to diagnose is need. Therefore, every newborn’s genital area should be examined carefully by a physician. In suspected cases, a pediatric surgeon should be consulted to.

The current approach to treatment of these patients if possible, is recommended be operated on between 6 months and 2 years of age. As a single stage operation or a staged surgical treatment is recommended according to type of anomaly. Under appropriate conditions, a high success rate of surgery is possible. However, after the surgery, especially a partial wound opening (fistula) seems to be taken into consideration as there may be some other problems.